He’s 77

In dog years. I love that he sleeps pretty much all day, unless there is another dog around, or you utter the words, “treat,” “squirrel,” or “go.” I say, “wanna go pick up Tiller?” and he is up like a shot, arthritis be damned! Knocks the screen door open by himself and goes out to stand by the car. If… Read more →

The Shiner

For those who want to see my shiner, here you go. For those of you who are wondering how Todd managed to resist hitting me for this long, stuff it. I did it myself with a shovel. It’s not too bad! Sadly, I’ve had worse. (Tried to find the photo of the Florida car wreck aftermath that was my face,… Read more →

Rambling Photo and Cemetery Family Post

Found this interesting photo of my grandmother Smith’s Uncle, Arthur St. Charles Dunstan, in the Auburn archives. He was a student at Auburn, when it was Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API), later became a professor of Engineering there, and then head of the Engineering department. There was a building there named after him, Dunstan Hall, for many years, but I believe… Read more →