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and that’s why I can’t send you Christmas cards

There’s this song I like by the band Tokyo Police Club. (I hate their band name. Kinda bugs me.) All their songs are so catchy. There is this one song that has the line . . . and that’s why I can’t send you Christmas cards it’s why I had to keep you in the dark Whenever I hear it,… Read more →


California Is Scary

According to Tiller. . . We were sitting around the kitchen table and somehow California came up. Tiller blurted out, “California is scary!” “What? I said. “Why is California scary? You have never even been to California!” “But there’s that hotel.” I stare blankly at her. “Hotel?” She stares at me like I am the dumbest person on earth. How… Read more →

Rock Brilliance

There are certain songs and lyrics I hear over and over, and they blow me away. Tons of stuff by the Beatles. Voodoo Chile. That part after 4:20 in the Built to Spill song, “Kicked It in the Sun.” The Jane’s Addiction, “2, 3, 4!” Just off the top of my head. This morning it was Bowie. I think this… Read more →

Purple-Haired, Angst-Ridden Dogwood Girl

I so wish this post included a photograph. I just realized that I still get a sick enjoyment out of thinking about the twisted up feeling of being twenty years old and purple-haired, all heartbroken and angry and listening to that guitar in Nirvana’s “Aneurysm.” Not sure what that’s all about. I was just editing some .NET tests, listening to… Read more →