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Opelika Art and Music

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

I really, really wanted to write a full on post about the weekend we went to Iain’s art show in Opelika’s Railyard, but if I waited until i had time, it would never get written. So, instead, i shall post the photos and be done with it. Iain is one of Todd’s best friends, and he’s a really great watercolorist. He and his wife, Noelle, live in Opelika, near Auburn. Pretty cool.

So, we went to Opelika, and we had lots of fun. Here’s the evidence. (And I have way more photos, for the Auburn peeps. If you want to see them, let me know and I’ll email you a link.)

Hoping to post some photos of our family road trip soon, whenever I get caught up in life.


Thursday, January 7th, 2010

When we were in Auburn over the holidays, Todd and I had drinks at our friends’ Iain and Noelle’s house. I love Noelle, because she is a crazy dog lady like myself (but with the added plus of having a husband who allows her more than one dog – they have three) and there are usually about five to ten dogs hanging out there on any given day. Also, they don’t care when I bring along the Q Man. I love that.

So, when Quint was a puppy, Iain’s son, Noah, couldn’t say Quint and instead called him “Squid.” And so the nickname stuck for the Stewart clan, and when Quint is at Iain’s house, he is Squid.

Iain is a very talented watercolorist. While we were there, Iain’s brother Matt showed me a watercolor that Iain had done of Matt and Shannon’s two dogs, Bodie and Omar. I LOVED it and was so jealous. I told Iain I wanted him to do one of Quint some day. Unbeknownst to me, Iain went back to his office and pulled up this picture of Quint on his computer:


And then, while I drank beer and petted dogs, and chatted with Noelle, Shannon, and Fiona while watching Dream Girls, Iain proceeded to sketch and paint Quint, in about 20 minutes. (Like i said, he is v. talented.) Check Squid out!

My dog Quint in a watercolor by Iain Stewart.

My dog Quint in a watercolor by Iain Stewart.

That is not a very good shot of the painting, and I did not have time to scan him in, but if you want to see a great scan of the Squid watercolor, and other works by the very talented Iain, go to Iain Stewart Watercolors website or Facebook page. Make sure to become a fan!

You will see that Iain only dabbles in dog portraiture, but is an amazing Landscape Watercolorist (I have one in my bedroom that he gave to us on our Wedding Day) and a talented Architectural Illustrator. In addition, he does a wonderful drunk Scot impersonation, and a damn funny r2d2.

It makes me feel a little like a wealthy Victorian lady to have a commissioned portrait of my favorite pet. I must go find my parasol and bonnet now.

New Year’s Recap

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Night started off slow, with me laying a base of soup and salad at the nicest Olive Garden ever. Todd’s Mom says so, and she should know, because she lives in that mecca of fine dining that is Dadeville, Alabama. I also had a latte at Starbucks in an attempt to jumpstart my very hung over body while Todd chatted with the Turks. No doin’ on lighting a fire under me; It wasn’t until I arrived at Iain’s and choked down that first beer that I started feeling a little better. I had grandiose plans of dressing up, even maybe wearing a skirt, but I was lucky to get there in one piece, much less to change out of jeans and t-shirt. I threw on my fluffy-fringey sweater in an attempt to give myself some style and just ended up looking like a Smashing Pumpkins’ D’arcy wanna-be from 1991. You will notice only one picture of me in the whole New Year’s set on Flickr. This is not coincidence.


  • Black-eyed peas and greens and Iain and Annie’s Crappy Cornbread Quiche.
  • Todd drinking brown liquor is always a highlight. He starts gesturing with his hands more, and he likes to stir the ice in his glass with a cute little tinkle. He gets a bounce in his step that he only ever gets when he is drinking liquor. (Bounce has been known to morph into him falling backwards on his ass in the basement at Gravity Pub, but he was drinking vodka tonics that night, so we cannot blame that on the revered bourbon whiskey.)
  • Watching people strip down and display body art and mutilation in the largest fucking bathroom in Alabama was pretty entertaining.
  • No evening is ever complete until you have cleared the whole living room of furniture so as to perform a few numbers from Grease, replete with male and female parts, and dancing on remaining furniture.
  • Finally, and this one is so obvious, but I will say it anyway: I am so cute when I am drinking. Everyone says so.

The only thing missing was the people that I couldn’t be with this year, but they are always in my thoughts, and just as soon as I make that first million off Dogwood Girl, I am going to buy a farm and start a commune where we can all live together. Right after Lisa and I buy the Sea-Doo. It’s gonna happen – 2007: The Year of Big Dreams. Who’s with me?