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How on Earth?

Wake up. Wake Todd up to feed kids so I can clean blood that stained my inner thighs during the night. Jump in lukewarm bath to rinse, then dry off and throw on clothes. Run downstairs. Make coffee, then pack backpack and diaper bag. Drink cup of coffee, poop (I mean, shit) and then put jackets on everyone, get them… Read more →


Why Cats are Superior

They know when to cut their losses. When things are going kinda crappy with the offspring, they just go ahead and eat the little fuckers. My day started with hunger, because I am dieting, and then I am not allowed to eat anything until the lady gets here to take my blood and urine for the life insurance policy we… Read more →

Free Santa!

On Saturday, we took Rollie and Tiller to see Santa at St. Paul’s Methodist in Grant Park. Although I am unsure about my thoughts on God, I am sure about one thing; I love old, beautiful churches. St. Paul’s is really gorgeous, but in a lived-in, non-museum-like way. You actually feel welcome and warm when you are there. Santa was… Read more →

Still No Basement Post: My Day

12 a.m. – Wake up to Todd shaking me, Rollie crying. Go into Rollie’s room, give him some water and vaseline for his chapped lips. Go back to bed.3 a.m. – Rollie cries again. Complaining of his cheek hurting. Realize he probably still has the ear infection for which he has already been through two rounds of antibiotics; Give him… Read more →

Rollie’s First Snow

Only in Atlanta would a child’s first snow be faux. Todd, Tiller, Rollie and I headed over to the Atlantic Station California Pizza Kitchen last night for dinner, then headed out to see their huge Christmas tree and the 7 P.M. snow machine display. I really thought it would hokey, and it was, but also a little contagious. At first,… Read more →

Dear Santa

Todd and I have been enjoying the advent of the Christmas holidays, because this is the first year that Rollie has really started to get the concept of Santa Claus. Although he is still a little confused. Yesterday, when we talked about it, I asked him if he knew about Santa and he said, “Yes, he comes in? And he… Read more →

The Rise of Why

Let it be noted that this week was the beginning of the neverending whys. Why, why, why? Rollie asks why 100 times a day. I never knew my world could be so confounding. Sometimes there just aren’t any good answers to “why?” Example: Rollie: “Yoda is a Jedi.”Me: “Yes, Rollie, Yoda is a Jedi.”Rollie: “Luke is a Jedi.”Me: “Yes, Luke… Read more →