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Petulant, Bored Little Girl

The scene: Todd and I working on our computers in the family room. Rollie is sick and is sleeping upstairs for the afternoon. Tiller wanders around the den, obviously bored, shuffling her feet, sighing a lot. She sits next to the sleeping dog, Quint. He growls at her. She crawls over to Simon the cat, whose tail flicks in agitation,… Read more →


Cool Idea

Todd and I have really been recycling like crazy this year, and it is amazing how much we have reduced the amount of crap in the trash. I get absolutely giddy when I fill up my composting bin and take it out and dump it on the pile. I know. Glamorous and exciting life I lead here. It is also… Read more →

Actual Pictures of Me That I Don’t Hate

IMG_0078.jpg Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. Here is one. There are not many. I like that I am wearing one of my favorite hats from high school. It makes me sad that I didn’t keep my hat collection, although Todd is very thankful that I didn’t, and they were great hats, but not worth losing a marriage over. Woulda made… Read more →