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God, I Needed That

Rollie just walked in the house. I was bracing for “I’m hungry,” “Tiller destroyed your flowers!” or something along those lines. I was not prepared for: “Mama, do you want me to show you how to do the Macarena? Gracie knows how to do the Macarena and she taught me.” [Stifling a laugh.] “Uh, Yeah!” He proceeds to do the… Read more →


American Goldfinch

Just saw a couple in the feeder. Hadn’t seen any out there before. (Which doesn’t mean they aren’t there, just that I am a beginner birdwatcher.) The ones we saw were definitely two males. Interestingly, groups of Goldfinches are referred to as a “Treasury,” “Charm,” “Rush,” or “Vein.” Kinda neato. You can read more about them here. I am pretty… Read more →

Where I’m From. Where I’ve Been. Where I’m At.

I’m a little drunk. Ish. So, i have been thinking about my neighborhood a lot today. A friend from my old neighborhood is grappling with the whole educating-a-kid-in-intown-Atlanta-schools issue. She asked my opinion on a living in my old neighborhood (EAV) vs. living in my new neighborhood (Northlake Mall/Lavista/Briarlake) vs. living in the real OTP burbs (I grew up in… Read more →

Snow Day!

Okay, the snow was yesterday, but school’s out today. Which is awesome. We played Candyland early in the day, then headed out in the snow, had a snowball fight, and built some snowmen. Our nice old neighbors gave us brownies to go with our hot chocolate, and they made over Tiller’s snowman. After lunch, we went over to our neighbors’… Read more →