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My Running Playlist

I’ve been running a lot lately, and getting bored with my current running playlists. Here’s what’s on them, in case you’re bored with yours: Living Well Is The Best Revenge R.E.M. Shellshock New Order The Grey Estates Wolf Parade Blank Generation Richard Hell & The Voidoids Power Doesn’t Run On Nothing The Thermals A Ghost To Most Drive-By Truckers Breathe… Read more →


Actual Pictures of Me That I Don’t Hate

IMG_0078.jpg Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. Here is one. There are not many. I like that I am wearing one of my favorite hats from high school. It makes me sad that I didn’t keep my hat collection, although Todd is very thankful that I didn’t, and they were great hats, but not worth losing a marriage over. Woulda made… Read more →

Pooped Out

I am so tired. Todd and I went to the EARL last night after his book club at Flatiron. Anna Kramer opened, and I loved her! Got this video of a new Band of Horses song they say they hadn’t played before. Me likey. Their whole show was really great – I was impressed. I think they were much better… Read more →

All Hallows Eve

Halloween was ultra fun. We carved the pumpkin (yes, I am a total slacker and waited till the last minute) and then went and had pizza at Grant Central. After that, we walked around East Atlanta Village for the Eav-O-Ween celebration.All of the shop owners hand out candy to the local kids, and the people-watching is pretty fun. The kids… Read more →

The Dogwood Shuffle

I’ve seen this around the web a few times before. You open ITunes, put every bit of music you own on Shuffle, and then you have to post the first five songs that play for everyone to see. No matter how embarrassing. Here goes: The Smiths – This Charming Man. So far, so good. Aimee Mann – Invisible Ink. Another… Read more →