My Buddy

The other day, i was listening to the radio on my television. One of those music channels options. I do that sometimes when i am washing dishes or cleaning the main floor of the house, because i get tired of the CDs in my kitchen. (You can only listen to my usuals: Blonde on Blonde, Pleased to Meet Me, and… Read more →

My Running Playlist

I’ve been running a lot lately, and getting bored with my current running playlists. Here’s what’s on them, in case you’re bored with yours: Living Well Is The Best Revenge R.E.M. Shellshock New Order The Grey Estates Wolf Parade Blank Generation Richard Hell & The Voidoids Power Doesn’t Run On Nothing The Thermals A Ghost To Most Drive-By Truckers Breathe… Read more →

Actual Pictures of Me That I Don’t Hate

IMG_0078.jpg Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. Here is one. There are not many. I like that I am wearing one of my favorite hats from high school. It makes me sad that I didn’t keep my hat collection, although Todd is very thankful that I didn’t, and they were great hats, but not worth losing a marriage over. Woulda made… Read more →