Roller Coaster

P6280074 Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl This kind of cracks me up. What a wild ride! Tiller and my favorite father-in-law in the front car, with Rollie pulling up the rear (that’s where you get the most Gs, you know?) Kind of sad that I missed my kids’ first roller coaster ride, but I did have to be around for… Read more →

Goat Man Takes New York

Spent the weekend in NYC with Camille. For those of you who know me, you know about me being the Goatman. See the link for info on the real Goat Man. I never actually saw the Goat Man myself, but my Grandma Palmer always told Pop, when he came in the kitchen door with muddy shoes, or filthy from working… Read more →

Winning the Lottery

You probably would not know it, even if you know me pretty well, but sometimes I get depressed. It’s never enough to make me unable to function (well, there was that one time after I had the baby, but that was just the hormones), but I just get down. Blah. Uninterested. Bluesy. I don’t really want to leave the house.… Read more →