A Fave

annepoplessieevelynFL1973 Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. I love this picture. That’s me, on the left, not Tiller! Pop is holding me, then Aunt Lessie, and Grandma on the end. Oh, and mess o’ fish. Aunt Lessie always dressed up, even for fishing. You shoulda seen her getup when she went to the pool with me in Roswell, and went off… Read more →

Happy Birthday, Pop!

1930s_berryschool_WalterPalmer Originally uploaded by Dogwood Girl. My grandfather turns 92 today. That just awes and amazes me. I’ve written about him before, here and here, if you want to read more about him. The picture is him around the time of his graduation from the Martha Berry School, which is now Berry College, in Rome, Georgia. I think that was… Read more →

Call Me Tipper

Yesterday, Tiller and I dropped Rollie off at school, then headed for the gym. We were coming through Oakhurst and were on 2nd Ave. We stopped at the four-way stop at Oakview. This intersection is across a two-lane street (Oakview) which has a grassy median in the middle. So, when you are crossing on 2nd, you go across one lane… Read more →

I Don’t Know What to Say

That’s why I haven’t written anything this week. See, I mostly write about what I know: The little things my kids do every day that drive me crazy, or make me laugh, or make me cry; the things that make me angry about this world; the things that scare me about the future; A book or movie I enjoyed; Fun… Read more →