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Going to Macon

Dad’s having a routine outpatient surgery thing this morning in Macon. It is routine. I still worry, though. I hear too many horror stories from my sister, The Nurse. I will be glad when we are all at the lake this weekend, fishing and painting together. As much as my Dad and I disagree, and get on each others nerves… Read more →


True Love

I woke up to Todd nudging me and then resting his hand on my stomach. I hate that. Me: “Is it my turn to get up?” Todd: “Yes.” Me: “Ten more minutes.” Todd: “I’m going to stick my finger in your belly button. . .” Me: “I’m going to punch you in the fucking face. And then the nuts.” Todd:… Read more →

It is Nice

When those you love very much, whom you would do just about anything for, and whom you know would do the same for you, affirm their love for you. There is something so powerful about old friendships, the ones where you have ridiculously funny memories of growing up together, of fucking up together, of grieving together and for each other,… Read more →


It is very strange to watch the bonding experience between a 22-month old little girl, and a 91-year-old man. They don’t have a lot to talk about, and she can’t enunciate well, and he couldn’t even hear it if she did. They both like food. And they hug a lot, which is not at all how I remember my grandfather… Read more →

I’m Back (And a Little Rant)

Well, Saturday we were at the Dogwood Festival when I received a call that my Mom had been taken to the ER. When I talked to her on Friday, she was fine, and thought that she might be coming down with a cold. She mentioned having a sore throat. During Friday night, she had a 104 temperature, and Saturday morning,… Read more →