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Tiller Milestones: Climbing her First Tree

My new neighbor and friend, Lucy, snapped these great pictures of Tiller. Lucy has a couple of HUGE fig trees in her backyard, and the kids love to climb in them. They are the perfect size for little ones, and this time, Tiller tried it too. She loved it and can’t stop talking about how much she wants to go… Read more →


Where I’m From. Where I’ve Been. Where I’m At.

I’m a little drunk. Ish. So, i have been thinking about my neighborhood a lot today. A friend from my old neighborhood is grappling with the whole educating-a-kid-in-intown-Atlanta-schools issue. She asked my opinion on a living in my old neighborhood (EAV) vs. living in my new neighborhood (Northlake Mall/Lavista/Briarlake) vs. living in the real OTP burbs (I grew up in… Read more →

Glory Days

Day before yesterday, the family and I had to make a detour from the lake to Athens on the way home; Todd had to return a bike that they didn’t use for a shoot last week, and so i called my friend Opel to meet us for lunch. We had the dog and kids with us, so Taco Stand (Milledge,… Read more →