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Pictures Past

Scott at The Austin Affair posted some old pics of us with Z and Ope. A great weekend, wherein we drove to Chapel Hill just to see Pavement, and once again, I am reminded that I should have worn some makeup every once in a while. Something about those pictures really capture the mid-90s for me. Scott comments that it… Read more →


November 11, 1989: Two Memories Converge, and Jason B., In All Probability, Shows Us the Depths of His Nerdiness

Kite Chronicles, aka “Mealby” put up a fond memory about an REM show in Macon and how she missed it. Here’s where my memory picks up as hers was obviously drowned out by copious amounts of alcohol: “Finishing where you left off, i went to this show with Jason and Evan. Evidently, my parents smoked crack while i was in… Read more →