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Coffee, Santa, Margaritas, and Rudolph = Bliss

Good, hot coffee at Joe’s. Tiller and Rollie sitting on East Atlanta Santa’s lap, with not a tear. Meeting nice new people in my great neighborhood. Margaritas with the Reids and my family at La Casita Cantina. Mmmm. Pork Carnitas. . . . Coming home and cuddling on the couch with my eldest, dozing to the sounds of him watching… Read more →


Iron Bowl

Todd and I took the kids over to his parents’ house on Lake Martin, where we did second Thanksgiving dinner (yes, we are complete Hobbits) on Friday with his brother Wade, brother Lyle, and Lyle’s wife Denise. Wade was on our shit list for not bringing my new niece, Luci, with him, but he made up for it by bringing… Read more →

Charleston Recap

We started with dinner at Coast. Very good. Then we dropped Mom off at the hotel and headed to The Blind Tiger for drinks with the wedding peeps. It was funny, because I had been to this bar before, only a couple months after Todd and I started dating. His friend Kate was married at the same place that my… Read more →

Off to Charleston

Tomorrow morning, I leave for Charleston. My childhood friend Marc is getting married. I cannot wait to meet the victim, er. . . bride. Marc and his brother, Pierce, and my sister and I go way back; Our moms were best friends growing up in Chattanooga. We vacationed in Destin with them for years, visited them at their home and… Read more →

All Hallows Eve

Halloween was ultra fun. We carved the pumpkin (yes, I am a total slacker and waited till the last minute) and then went and had pizza at Grant Central. After that, we walked around East Atlanta Village for the Eav-O-Ween celebration.All of the shop owners hand out candy to the local kids, and the people-watching is pretty fun. The kids… Read more →

Membership Revoked

I think I’m going to preemptively turn in my girls’ club membership, because after people read this, it will probably be revoked. Todd is out of town. He went camping. In Perote. Yes, that is a real place. Pronounced “Pee-Rote.” It is somewhere in the wilds of Alabama. Okay, peeps, here’s the deal. I had tivoed Gossip Girl, America’s Next… Read more →

Smart Cookie

Husband goes out of town and, in excitement over evening of unadulterated control of television, Annie drinks a complete bottle of wine over the course of the evening. Very with it this morning at 7 a.m. when son pooped on potty (so proud!) and then came in and asked me to wipe his butt. Who needs coffee? Waiting for nap… Read more →